Since my dog doesn’t have thumbs…

…I suppose I’ll type up this blog.

It might be cliché- girl graduates college and then creates blog. I’ve always wanted to create a blog, but I didn’t know what to write about. Some of my friends that I graduated with have amazing blogs with cute themes, discussing some profound an interesting topics that they are passionate about. For many months, I have tried to think of similar content, content that I am passionate about. And I would circle back to dogs, each time.

Dogs. Who would want to read a blog in which the content just consists of a girl gushing about her love for…dogs? Well, while I could write hundreds of poems, songs, haikus (maybe), screenplays, etc. on my adoration for dogs, I will try to be somewhat normal here, and throw in an educational twist. Let me explain:

I was a weird child. A lot of people say that about themselves, but you guys– I was just downright weird. My poor parents. I was so intrigued by dogs; I would check-out only dog books at the library. And I’m not talking about like fairy-tale animal stories, I’m talking Anatomy of Large Canine or Advanced Canine Health type of books. And you bet your tail that I would read them all. I was like the Matilda of dog books. I would be so fascinated by dogs that my “pawlter ego” was a dog named FiFi- a cocker spaniel that loved to force her poor mom to walk her on a leash while all the neighbors would wave and say under their breath “There goes the Tapley kid again.”

Now that we’ve established that I have won the most bizarre childhood award, my point is- from a young age, I’ve been fascinated with dogs and know more about them- their anatomy, their psychology, their aging process, dietary needs, ect.- than I probably should. So, instead of writing a blog just as an ode to my love for the beloved canine, I’m going to put a more educational/advisory focus on it, for all other dog lovers out there/people considering on getting a pup of their own.


One of my favorite books on pup psychology, by Brian Hare.

Hopefully then, I can spread some of the love and joy that these wonderful animals bring to me each day. (That includes you, cat lovers.)

With a wagging tail,

Hillary + Humphrey